City guide – 24h in Berlin

It is a very hyped and famous destination for people from all over the world. It is a vibrant city. During the day its places are loaded full of history and of course also it’s famous nightlife when it is dark (or not anymore).


Berlin is the city that never sleeps.


For you, we have a small guide for a 24 hours trip to Berlin with things we would really recommend you to do. And don`t worry you will also have time for some coffee breaks 😉



If you like a good breakfast, Germany is the country for you. They offer healthy but also hearty breakfast. In a hip city like Berlin you can find smoothies and chia bowls at every corner but don`t forget about the good dark bread. Served with ham and horseradish or smelly Swiss cheese and honey, just to mention a few. Germans like their breakfast salty – served with a cappuccino – a nightmare for any Italian 🙂


But definitely worth giving it a try.


After you have started your day with a good nutritious meal you are well-prepared for sightseeing.

scarosso brandenburger tor berlin



We start at the most famous place the Brandenburger Tor. It was an old town gate which played an important part in history (Napoleon stole the statue, the Quadriga once). From there just turn right and you can see the Reichstag. A combination of an old building from the neo-renaissance and a dome made of glass – accounting the past it is a sign of transparency.



Right next to these historic places you can find the “Holocaust Memorial”. A place working off the history of Europe and a lasting monument of our past. The architect Stelenfeld created a memorial out of 2700 elements covering 19.000sqm. Its irregular ways have an impression on everyone and leave space for interpretation.

scarosso holocaust memorial berlin
scarosso potsdamer platz berlin



Not far from the Holocaust Memorial, just a foot walk away, you can find Potsdamer Platz. A place that has suffered a lot during World War II. Everything except one building was destroyed – the wine house Huth – which became a symbol of the destruction and the division of Berlin. The whole area was lying idle for decades but shortly after the reunification, a new project was started and nowadays the Potsdamer Platz is a booming centre with amazing architecture , all around the winehouse Huth.

LUNCH BREAK – 12:50h


Walking around made you hungry? We suggest you to grab the gastronomical landmark of Berlin. Yes, you might have guessed it right – the curry sausage with French fries. You can find nice ones in every corner in Berlin. Tip: they offer a different kind of sausages, but the white one without skin is the traditional one 🙂

scarosso jewish museum berlin libeskind



From Potsdamer Platz just a quick tram ride with the M41 you can find the next location (not to confuse you, M41 is not a metro but a tram – a so-called metro tram).


The Jewish Museum consists of two parts, invisibly connected underground. One part is an architectural masterpiece “Between the Lines” created by Daniel Libeskind. From the air, the building looks like a cracked Star of David. On the inside, the building has underground axes, angle walls and so-called concrete “voids” without heat or air-conditioning. It is a must see and must feel – but we won`t tell you too much here at this point.


This museum has besides its architectural part a nice playful made exhibition also perfect for children.



After this heavy historical side of Berlin, it is time to do something good for your soul – but maybe not the best for your wallet.


Going shopping.


In the area around the Hackeschen Höfe there are very nice shops for strolling around – and don`t forget to stop by our Scarosso Store in Oranienburger Straße 1-3 (close to the metro stop Hackescher Markt).


Now you can take time to chill, sit down in one of the nice cafes (if you wanna buy good German bread for your loved ones at home, we totally recommend you the Hofpfisterei – it is not a Berlin Bakery but from Bavaria, we really think it is really the best bread in the world 🙂 (you can find it in Rosenthalerstraße 31)

Shoes you should definitely try on

DINNER TIME 20h (A foot walk away)


I can imagine all the walking made you hungry again and you are craving for good, warm, amazing German food. But Germans like big plates – pasta as a primo? Unimaginable. Sadly like this, you don`t have enough space to try all the delicious German food variations. But don`t worry. We have the perfect secret tip for you:





It is a German tapas place. Yes, you`ve heard right.


German tapas. Small plates of typical dishes like a sour roast (Sauerbraten), German meatballs (Königsberger klöpse) and matie (Matjes) with a modern twist.


And the best is that you can try different dishes and also share them with your friends.


Tip: We suggest you to make a reservation before, super-fast and easy to make on their website.

scarosso television tower berlin



Berlin is famous for its long, non-stopping parties. It offers something for every taste and everyone can be her-/himself in this big city. But one place we can totally recommend for everyone is Clärchen`s Ballhaus (Auguststraße 24).


An old institution (as we would call it in Italy something like a Ballera) where young and old (70+-year-old women in nice dresses) all go to dance (also with live music)


And the good news – it is a nine minutes walk from the restaurant.

Have a great stay in Berlin! 🙂