What to wear



how to pack smart for Christmas

Going home for Christmas is the nicest thing of the year: you will see all your loved ones again and old friends you haven`t seen for a long time because everyone is spread all over the world. On Christmas, everyone is going home to spend some lovely time with their family. Beautiful evenings with a lot of food are organised and you`ll finally eat again the food that reminds you of your childhood again and don`t forget about the nice gift exchanges.


Thanks to online shopping we can now order a lot of gifts and send them directly home but of course, the family will expect some local specialities if you come back home from abroad (like the good Italian Grappa my grandfather is craving for every year). Don`t forget all the warm clothes you`ll need at home.


With so many things to bring with you, strategy for perfect packing is needed: don`t worry, we`ll help you out with this.

To save some space, we recommend you to stuff your socks in your shoes – don`t forget to pack your formal shoes in some dust bags to avoid scratches on the leather (did you already know that we always deliver one in our boxes?).


Put the heavy stuff, like shoes at the bottom of the bag. The weight will be balanced in the right way and will be easier to carry.


Roll your delicate clothes to avoid them from getting wrinkles. It is also a good trick to save some more space in the luggage while filling the edges with it.


During Christmas, your wardrobe should be warm, but also flexible for different occasions. The right shoe can easily give your outfit the right touch.

Here are three shoes you shouldn`t be missing for the perfect winter trip:


Sneakers, like our “Nicolò Moro”. Crafted with a higher shaft, it is the perfect sneaker choice for cold winter walks – The comfortable shoe for every day


For the festivities, our “Miller Ember” is a good choice. This oxford is from our London Collection and it is crafted in blake-rapid-welt method with a handmade full brogue.


Since your luggage is perfectly packed, you are ready to go!


But don`t forget your winter boots! To save extra weight it’s a smart move to wear them while travelling. We suggest you our “Paolo Caramello” to be styled on point.