How it is like to work in a start-up

With the digital era, start-up businesses are exploding. New fields and ideas are coming up with things mankind has always needed but never knew they wanted.


Start-ups are on the run and rapidly growing and changing society. Many people are becoming attracted to work for such companies. The teams are young, the policies more free than in a long-established firm, and the hierarchies are flatter. More offices are equipped with a table tennis and sofa lounges perfect to hang out together after work.


Sounds like a lot of fun?


If you are about to start a new job in a start-up we have a small overview for you about what might be expecting you.



Compared to big firms, start-ups are more likely to have a short application process. Mainly driven by the fact that new team members are needed at short notice. Furthermore, start-ups have flatter hierarchies which also speeds up the process.


Experience in a bigger firm is considered important but the right motivation and a fitting personality for the team are also very important.


Since many start-ups don`t have so many employees it is even more important that you fit in the team with your personality since you`ll be working together very closely. If the chemistry is right and it is a harmonic working environment people are happier to give their heart to the company.



The assignment of tasks is very widely spread in a start-up. A doer mentality is a key to success. Even if you have no experience in a new task.


An automated way of working is mandatory and sometimes it is required to jump into the deep end. Do not expect to be trained at the beginning of every new task, but with this independence comes a participation in shaping your work, characterizing the company and developing the future of it. Furthermore, if you see things that can be improved you have good chances to change them. Always think outside the box.


For all this hard work it is often required, sometimes a late night shift is needed respect deadlines.


Speed is important for every start-up to become a market leader and beat competitors.

The mentality of every start-up is “trial and error” and a good motivation is the most important for every entrepreneurial mind. Never be afraid to make mistakes, it is all about learning while doing – If you do not fail, you do not learn.


If you are part of a company right from the start you gain important experiences for your future work life and maybe at one point, you`ll be a founder yourself.


No matter what your plans are, we will always be by your side for every small and big career step in your life.


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