Are you made to be a consultant?

Have you been invited to an interview at a consulting firm? You already survived second and third interview? Congratulations!


Each year thousands of ambitious consultants are applying for the jobs in big firms, knowing that only a small percentage will be selected for the role. The prestige but also the stress and the high expectations in this professional field are well-known. But what makes a good consultant?


We collected some tips and tricks for you to figure out if you`re on the right track and this information will also help you out during your next interview to know exactly what kind of abilities the recruiter might search in you.

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  1. Be flexible


Flexibility is important in the life of a consultant. Whether it comes to adapt to new projects or to new countries and cultures. You need to be open to adapt to new situations.


  1. Be sociable


It is important to be a trustworthy team player, your primary goal is to help other people and businesses. But don`t forget you can also learn from the clients. Be sure you`d pass your airport test.


  1. Have a great discipline


Long working hours always come combined with new projects and the important part is to accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time. As a problem solver, the weak points have to be found and solved.


  1. Be confident


You need to be confident about your skills and expertise and you have to show a natural collaborative leadership. The company goals are always put first.


  1. Be critical


Try always to think out of the box and understand the reasons for the problems (always interpret the numbers you are working on). Don`t always jump to conclusions right away. You need to do a fundamental research to find the weak spots.


  1. Be studious


A good consultant should never stop to be curious and educate himself about the latest knowledge and news, you need to be aware of the developments in your fields of expertise. You should know how to apply theory into practice and how to use the right tools to guarantee efficiency in the job.


  1. Go further


Always be one step ahead of the game by ringing a fresh view on things and offering your clients insights that can solve the problems and boost the clients business.

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