It`s time for New Year resolutions

The end of the year is around the corner and it is finally time to reflect what we would like to improve about ourselves for the next year.


Doing sports and exercise is on top of our list, especially after the feasting during Christmas. It`s easier to be hard on yourself during cold winter time than on a warm summer`s day when the birds cheerfully chirp.


So here we are. Stuck in the cold winter time close to a big new, blank chapter of our lives, called 2018.


And it is time again to work off the one or two Christmas cookies we ate too much of in the past weeks.


Nah, we don`t plan doing sports right now or tomorrow at 6 o`clock in the morning, we are referring to write it down on a paper and call it New Year resolutions (yes, we are also highly motivated to try it this year)


If you need help with your to-do list, we would like to share with you the resolutions of our team to get some inspiration:

scarosso blank paper book
scarosso make the first step motivation
  • “Finally accept that I won’t do any sports in the morning and stop pressing the snooze button for an hour.”


  • “Don`t order a UBER if the route is only a 15-minute”


  • “Stop writing with friends on WhatsApp when you are in the same room.”


  • “Find out why I have 10 different email addresses and if I really need them all. In the course of this, I will also think about using more secure passwords than “1234” and “Password”, even if it’s helping me right now.”


  • “I would like to say “please”, “thank you” and “I can’t today” more often, even if I only have a date with my sofa.”


  • “I would like to drink more champagne, especially on Sundays during a long, relaxed brunch.”


  • “I will be smarter this year than my colleagues and apply for all bridge holidays at the beginning of the year J”


  • “Always clean my shoes every time they got dirty” (This said our Product Manager)


If you want to start blank with this resolution. Why don`t you take a look at his favourite selection:

Discover the favourites:



With this in mind, we wish you a happy new year!


The Scarosso-Team